Воспитательная работаОбъявления

FEBRUARY 15, 2019, «The Shaken Stars» competition was held in our college, dedicated to the 105th anniversary of the college graduate, famous Kazakh actor, director Shaken Aimanov.

At the competition, organized by the members of small scientific research center No. 201, named after Shaken Aimanov, the students of the 2 courses competed  in three stages.At the first stage, the participants presented various films of the director, selected by preliminary lot , with the help of various modern forms.

The spectators were especially impressed by the materials presented at the PR stage — life, with the aim of developing students’ imagination, deepening digital knowledge, and adapting to trilingualism.

At the 3rd stage of the competition, the contestants presented soundtracks from the films, playing songs in a lively voice on various instruments, harmoniously combining with the genres of modern dance, theater, poetry, etc., offering a high aesthetic taste.

Both group leaders and artistic leaders took an active part in the contest.

According to the results of the jury, 25 group won the “Grand Prix” (qualification: “Teacher of foreign language”, group leader: M. Mukanov,  group 23 was awarded with  First Place Diploma (qualification: “English teacher in elementary school”, group leader :Kakenova S. B., for the film Daughter  of Steppe). Group 28 (“Music teacher of preschool and main educational organizations», group leader A. Kabimoldina. for the film “We live here”) was awarded  with Second Place Diploma. Group 21A was awarded with Third Place Diploma (“Primary Education Teacher”, class teacher Karimova G.F.  for the film «The song is calling»), Students of  group 24 (Teacher of foreign language «, the head KalkenovaB.Zh. for the film» Zhambyl «)  were awarded with the letter of thanks.

We are grateful to the team of the Abai Library, Director of the Youth Resource Center of Semey, O. A. Sogymbay, Chairman of the City Youth Wing «Zhas Otan» A. Aytmukash,  the head of the Small Research Center A.A.Ibraeva for support in organizing the competition!