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April 22, 2019 teacher of the highest qualification category of the Pedagogical College named after M.O.Auezov Komaeva M.S. held at the regional level an online lesson on a subject «Psychology» on a theme «Sensory development of the child of preschool age» with the students of a 3-rd course studying on qualification 0101013 «the Teacher of preschool organizations».
In a lesson conducted with the aim of teaching the practical application of knowledge about the sensory development of children of preschool age, identifying ways to develop sensory skills, form a multicultural personality, the teacher, using interactive teaching methods, focused on the trinity of languages. The exercise “Three Questions”, the method “Choice of the Question”, “Dialogue on the Sticker” and “Exhibition of Sensory Games” aroused great interest among students and prompted them to research.
At the end of the lesson, reminders were formed on the topic, recommendations were given. The lesson is aimed at developing the cognitive abilities of each student on the basis of student-centered technology. Effectively using such elements of students’ mental abilities as intelligence, attentiveness, thinking, speech independence, observation, Marzhan Seifullaevna oriented students on independent development and consolidation of theoretical knowledge. Due to the fact that the lesson was held in the audience of innovative technologies of preschool education, practical tasks were effective for the formation of students’ professional competence. The lesson was highly appreciated by colleagues.