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Mukagali Makatayev is 90 years old
Mukagali Makatayev, a classic of Kazakh poetry, has turned 90 years old. The anniversary of the poet, who took a special place in the soul of his native people, is important not only for Kazakh literature, but also for the entire spiritual world of our independent state. In his short life, the poet has left an indelible and enduring legacy of the Kazakh literature! The poet’s birthday was also celebrated by students of the M. O. Auezov Pedagogical College. Students of 1-3 courses took part in the event on the theme «KAZAKH KARAOLENININ KHANTANIRI», read the poet’s poems on various topics and shared them on social networks. Members of the literary circle «Kalamger» read poems dedicated to the poet and an online reading contest «… Kasiyetynnen kara olen, ainalayin»was held among students of 2-3 courses. A reading contest was organized among the 1st year students, and a reading conference dedicated to the book «Omir d

astan» by the poet Mukagali Makatayev was held as part of the «One Country,One Book»campaign.