Методическая служба

As part of the 80th anniversary of the author of the program of spiritual and moral education «Self-knowledge», Sara Alpysovna, a decade of self-knowledge on the theme» self – knowledge-pedagogy of love and creativity» was organized from February 01 to 12.

The purpose of the decade: to instill in students love and joy for the world around them, to show sensitivity, kindness, to teach children to be kind, to develop creativity and positive emotions through mutual understanding and cooperation, to foster a sense of positive perception of the world, understanding the meaning of life and the ability to find their place.

For the students of 1 grade, a meeting was organized with the director of the college, Sh. A. Zhanaeva, who revealed the essence of the issues of what should be the model of a teacher and the integration of national values into the modern education system. During the meeting, questions related to the specifics of the profession of future teachers were asked, a conversation was held about pedagogical ethics and the rules of the internal regulations of the college.

College volunteer club «Meyirim» organized an event on the theme «The sun of kindness-give joy to your loved ones «. During the event, the students shared warm words and pleasant wishes to each other.

In order to exchange pedagogical experience within the framework of the pedagogical festival, teachers of self-knowledge Nurlanova A. K., Kerimbayeva A.D., Sydykanova A. T. shared their lessons on the YouTube channel «lesson of Love». Link to the lesson: https://youtu.be/tsC146CrBSQ

An Olympiad was held among students studying the course of self-knowledge on the topic «self-knowledge-pedagogy of love and creativity». The purpose of the Olympiad is to teach students logical thinking, to help them find the right solution in any situation. According to the results of the Olympiad, students of the 309th group of Karimov Zarina, Naizagerova Zhansaya, Kalyk Zhanyl received a ticket to the Republican Olympiad organized by the center «Bobek» on 26.02.2021.

Congratulations to the students of the pedagogical college, dedicated to the 80th anniversary of S. Alpysovna, was uploaded to the YouTube channel.

Link: https://youtu.be/ShIa-6LSNhA











In order to optimize the adaptation work among the enrolled students, the college psychologist Zh. Bigazieva held meetings with students and summed up the results of the survey. Psychological consultations on correct behavior in the public environment are given.

With the participation of parents of students of the 19th group of the Department of Foreign Language, the teacher of self-knowledge Zhunusova L. B. conducted a training on the topic «Family-the beginning of values». The training included exercises aimed at strengthening the spiritual ties between parents and children. Feedback was established with the parents and good results were achieved.