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2019, on May 6, in the Pedagogical College named after M.O. Auezov an open class hour “Gumydariya” was held. It was dedicated to the Great Teacher, a World War II veteran, holder of the Order of the Great Patriotic War, Order of Honor of the Great Patriotic War, Honored Worker of the USSR National Education, Honored Worker of Education of the Republic of Kazakhstan, honored citizen of Semipalatinsk Asylkhan Bekbayev.
The educational hour was organized by 302 group of the speciality «Foreign Language Teacher», the head of the group is K.S. Musina. Open educational hour was held at the highest level, both in Kazakh and English, so that it could bring up a very rich, moral lifestyle. College Director Zhanaeva Sh.A. thanked the responsible group and the group curator.